OK.....Let's Mix Your Song

First Things First…..

Let's have a conversation....

Before the mixing process begins, we need to have a conversation to discuss the details of the project. This can be done by Messenger, Skype, Zoom etc…

Please fill in this form with information about you and your song(s)

  • Recording Platform/Software used
  • File Type, Sample Rate and Bit Depth
  • Size of the project
  • How to export the project for upload

....Technical stuff

Creative things....

  • Style and Direction
  • If your song(s) are destined for streaming, It is useful to know the destination as the final volume level can be matched to different platforms…
  • Reference mixes for stylistic interpretation.
  • Once these have been sorted out, an invoice will be sent for the cost of the project. I have mixed most styles of music, and you can hear some of my previous work on the previous projects and on the current projects page

Depending on the size and number of the songs to be mixed, different options for uploading are available.

Usually I use weTransfer where  you can send files up 2GB in size with a free account, but you may have an alternative method.

Once I receive the files I will load the files onto my computer to begin mixing. If any issues arise on uploading the files we can discuss them when and if an issue arises.

....Upload the music files


yaaay !

Once I have downloaded all the audio files, I will start the mixing process.

Normally I will give you a timeframe for the completion of the work depending on number and complexity of the songs.

When the mix is about 80-95% done I will send low quality mp3 files so that you can monitor the progress of the mix and make suggestions and adjustments you think are necessary.

Comments may include general comments on the balances, equalization, compression or effects processing for any part of the song. Example: I want more reverb on the vocals, can you make the guitars louder in the chorus section, make the drums more aggressive sounding, etc…

....Reference Mixes

Mixing Adjustments....

Adjustments to the mix will be made based on your comments, and this mix will be sent for your approval before printing the final mix.


The final mixes will be sent by file transfer service and are typically formatted at the same sample rate and bit depth as the multitrack session. This will preserve the highest level of quality for the mixes prior to mastering. The higher sample rate and bit depth is necessary to keep the quality of the processing during the mastering session at its best before downsampling for the CD production master.

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