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I  am a professional musician with more than thirty years experience playing electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards and vocals.

I played both solo and in bands in the UK and ran  “Chapel Studio” based in Easton, Bristol where I recorded many different projects.

Since moving to France and setting up my studio I have arranged, recorded, mixed, produced and mastered 5 CD’s   and there is a sixth in production.

My studio itself is a large enough space to record 5 or 6 piece bands.

There is a mixing room and all mixing is done in the box, that is to say performing the mixing process without the use of external hardware which is now possible with the advance in computers, and the results (if done well) can equal those mixes down with external hardware.

My studio also provides other recording services such as audiobooks, voiceovers & children’s stories.

Previous Projects

Rival Attraction Jazz / Funk / Fusion 5 piece band formed originally in 1983 from Bristol, UK. Reformed in 2006

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ Chapel Studio, Easton, Bristol by Richard Bloom

Rival Attraction were:

Mike Hoddiniot (Drums)
Ian Vallin (Bass)
Andy Allpass (Keyboards)
Steve Hacking (Saxes, Flute)
Rich Bloom (Guitar, Vocals)

At The Healing Tree - Chandra Moon
Recorded at Chapel Studio, Easton, Bristol, UK by Richard Bloom
I played guitar, helped with the arrangements, recorded, mixed & produced three of the songs on the five song EP
Catalyst - Helena Softley

Catalyst was recorded mixed and produced over a two year period at Chapel Studio, Easton. Richard Bloom was responsible for all the drum and instrument programming, played guitar on some tracks, mixed and produced the album and helped Helena arrange the songs.

Her website is under development but you can find her on facebook HERE


The Boogie Woogie Blues - Chris Money

Current Projects

Six Pack Of Rhythm 'n' Blues - The Big Shots

Recorded live at Black Mountain Studio, Brittany, France by Richard Bloom

I recorded & mixed all the songs

For more information on “The Big Shots” and where you can catch them live….check out there website HERE

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